The Golden Rule For Home Theatres

The Golden Rule For Home Theatres

Here at Automated Entertainment, we get asked all the time: "What else do I need to take my home theatre system to the next level?" It’s a difficult question to answer for a number of reasons, especially when you are working with characters with a very large personality!

Every home is different, so that means different types of theatre systems work better for different homes. So what’s the golden rule? Sinergy.


Using Visuals To Create Sinergy

Displays really come to life in dark environments. It’s no different in your home theater. Under the command of a driving automation system, the quality lighting can transform your theatre even before we press play. Lighting sconces play a crucial role in giving you a classic theatre look. These can be placed on your wall or columns running the long length of the room. Preferably the type that shines light vertically without any outward glow. This creates a mood like no other, allowing you to feel media you are watching, not just view it. Step lights can really take it to the next level. You can program them to stay on at a dim level so that you can see your way around the room without interrupting the movie. When the movie is over, the lights can be programed to fade back to their normal levels.

Visual ambience is the goal to separate your theatre from just a TV in a room with some speakers. When you get your lighting situated, you can really transform your viewing experience from average, to exceptional.


Using Audio To Create Sinergy

The other main element that makes a truly memorable experience is the enveloping audio, in which sound elements come at you from all directions. Object-based audio, can help you achieve that. Speakers like the Elac A4.2 Dolby Atmos can add an overhead sound element that provides an even more immersive audio experience. Having more speakers throughout the room improves the potential, perceived spatial resolution. You are going to need to engulf the viewers from all dimensions. Front facing, rear facing and height.


Using Comfort To Create Sinergy

All of your system upgrades wont mean much if you can't begin to enjoy it in comfort. The chair you sit on matters. How you feel in your theatre matters. That's why you need a theatre chair that will complete your set up. There are multiple types that you can choose to get the right level of comfort. Recliners, rockers, love seats, and more. Recliners allow you to lounge and relax while still being engaged in the movie. With add ons such as message functions and head rests, you will definitely feel right at home (literally) in your home theatre. Love seats make a great experience for two. Couples movie night? This is the perfect option. Choose anything from quality leather to memory foam to customize it to your exact specifications. Specify the exact shape of the chair for maximum lumbar support, so you can truly get lost in the movie without distraction.


All of these options can be used to create synergy in the comfort area. When you carefully select the right sound, lighting, furniture, and media, you can set the tone of your theatre to create the ultimate space in your home.

If you have any questions, we at automated Entertainment have been installing home theatres for 25 years. We would love to help get you set up for your next home theatre project.


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